About BSBR

British Society of Breast Radiology (BSBR)

The British Society of Breast Radiology (BSBR) is a specialist organisation for medical professionals, consultant
radiographers and advanced radiographic practitioners with an interest in breast imaging.

The aim of the BSBR is to foster interest in breast imaging, to support education of breast imaging professionals and
to promote research. It also has a role in developing national guidance and providing advice on professional matters
such as workforce planning.

The Breast Group of the Royal College of Radiologists was founded in 1988 and in 2014 the Group became the British
Society of Breast Radiology (BSBR).


  • Provides a forum for discussion of radiological matters relating to breast disease and breast screening, arranging its own annual scientific meeting specifically for this purpose
  • Supports local and national initiatives for research into breast imaging and related topics.
  • Acts as an authoritative source of advice to the Royal College of Radiologists and the Department of Health
    on issues such as professional standards and training requirements relating to breast imaging.
  • Maintains close liaison with other professional groups with interests in breast disease, related diagnostic
    practices and other associated activities.

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