Fiona Gilbert

Professor Gilbert is Head of Department of Radiology at the University of Cambridge. Her role is to provide leadership to the diverse imaging community at the university and she is responsible for imaging research and radiological undergraduate teaching. Professor Gilbert’s clinical work and research is focused on all imaging techniques relating to breast cancer and oncology.

She is interested in multimodal functional imaging with MRI and PET of the tumour environment using breast cancer as a model and correlating this with the tumour genetic profile. She undertakes research in stratified breast screening using Tomosynthesis, Whole Breast Ultrasound and contrast enhanced mammography. She maintains a strong interest in musculo-skeletal imaging.

Since 2012 Professor Gilbert has been awarded fifteen competitive grants worth over £20M. She is a member of the NIHR EME Board and is on a number of advisory panels.

Professor Gilbert has 197 peer reviewed publications, 5 book chapters and numerous conference abstracts. She is a regular speaker at international Radiology conferences in Chicago and Vienna as well as the European Society of Breast Imaging.