Wire-Free Breast Lesion Localisation With The Hologic LOCalizerTM RFID Tag System:

Experience From The Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead

    Date: Monday 4th November,  Main Plenary Room

    Time: 12.45 – 13.30

This 45 minute lunchtime symposium is supported by Hologic.

Wire Localization has for some time been the standard of care in the treatment of non-palpable breast lesions.

Several alternatives are now entering the market which have the ability to change the care pathway for patients.

Since June 2019 Dr Alice Lever Consultant Radiologist and Mr Robert Milligan Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon from Gateshead Health NHS Foundations Trust have been pioneering the use of LOCalizerTM a wire-free, radio frequency identification (RFID) guidance system.

To date they have completed over 70 procedures using this new technique.

The results from their initial trial will be shared during this session.

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