Mana-Tech (an Argon Company) will be focusing on node biopsy with the Biopince.

The benefits of Biopince technology have never been in dispute - being full-core it will out-perform any side-notch device - providing up to 59% more tissue. Using an 18g Biioince equates to using a 15g side-notch device. All you need to know about the Biopince is at

The only criticism was that the handling was something that needed improvement - particularly for Breast Radiology - The new Biopince Ultra presents this technology in a handpiece that will now be acceptable to everyone. It used across Radiology departments throughout the UK and its use has spread into node biopsy, for which it is very effective - being 'full core' and having an adjustable 'throw'. When a shorter throw is needed, it seems that other devices struggle to provide a good specimen.

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